Introducing Labrys from Persona 4 Arena! Also known by Unit #031 and 5th Generation Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon Labrys. Just like her name implies, she is an Anti-Shadow weapon developed by the Kirijo group for their experiments on shadows. She was given a larger than normal Plume of Dusk, which caused her personality to develop much faster than her sister units. This allowed her to develop an ego and later allows her to wield a Persona.

Ok, personally, I knew next to nothing about the Persona series (sorry, I just never played the games as a kid). However, I received Labrys as a birthday gift back in July (Yup! This is the last of the 3 I received to get a review. Finally!), so I felt I had to look up info on her before I did any comic or review. After watching Personal 4: The Animation and watching the story mode for Labrys (and the relevant parts of Aigis’ story), I finally decided to do a review.

Labrys’ appearance is faithful to her in-game model, which is a cross between her android form and her perceived image of herself as the Student Council President of Yasogami high. It’s pretty much the Yasogami summer uniform over her mechanical body, and it works pretty well. Paint application is very nice, with good color separation. The red of her gauntlets really pop out against the rest of her mostly white attire. One thing I really like about her is her hair. The ponytail slowly fades from blue and becomes translucent near the end. It is a hard plastic and the ends are pretty sharp. I would exercise caution as these ends could snap or break, so don’t be too rough with it. 

For articulation, it’s a mixed bag. Her legs have an excellent range of movement since she’s in a skirt, and her knees seem to be a double joint, rather than the regular figma joint. Her ankles (if you can call them that) are on a small ball joint and have slight movement, but nothing that can really help her stability. Since her “feet” are so small, you’re going to have to use the figma stand unless you really work at fiddling with her balance. Her shoulders are slightly hindered by the shirt sleeves, and her elbows only have a 90 degree bend. Her gauntlets do have a 360 rotation, so that gets some points back. Her head/neck has standard movement, and the ponytail is on a figma joint. She also has an armor piece that can move independently from the ponytail, but it is linked to the head via blue rubber cables. Just be careful as these could snap if you rotate the hair too much. 

For accessories, Labrys comes with:

  • 3 Faceplates: Standard (looking to the left), open mouth yelling/battle face, and Shadow Labrys (Pretty much makes her into a completely different character)
  • Extra Hair Fringe with a Knight-like visor down
  • 5 Pairs of Hands: Open, open relaxed, fist, gripping, Axe holding hands (straight peg/no joint)
  • 2 Chains: 1 plastic in a set position and 1 metal chain. These are used to imitate her Chain Knuckle attack. Just pop off her gauntlet and connect the chain to it and the elbow.
  • Double-Sided Battle Axe, where Labrys gets her name. It can be taken apart and attached to her back to become her wings. The 3 parts are the axe head, the handle, and the end cap. The axe head is slightly articulated.
  • 2 Figma stands: One for Labrys and one for her Axe.
  • Effect part for the Chain Knuckle attack.
  • Two Persona attack effects (I completely forgot about them because I never took them out of the plastic)

Overall, I really like this figure. Labrys’ story was really good (sad, but good) and her character just looks cool. Characters with red eyes always get me. Her story also reminded me of the Sisters from Index/Railgun, so that also got her points with me. Appearance-wise, she’s great. Her stability however leaves a lot to be desired. I felt the same way I felt making Black Gold Saw’s comic, having to deal with her constantly falling and fiddling with the figma stands. Her accessories are fantastic, because girls with giant weapons are always cool and chain fists aren’t something you see everyday. Her price point is decent too, starting at $60. So if you’re a fan of Persona, the game, or mechanical maidens, pick up this Anti-Shadow Suppresion Weapon.

See Labrys in action!

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